Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

Follow me on my journey telling about my ten years of TEN!


During the past (ten) years I sometimes tried to put my thoughts into words by trying to express them in a ‘Poem’. Over the next few weeks I will share some with you. 💝

The one below is me now, having survived TEN and having coped with trauma, talking to me, the one I was during the most difficult years. I wrote it in January 2020.

And when I think about you now
I see you don’t understand
What is going on
Why do the alarms keep going off
Why do they look at you in that way
Why does it hurt so much
When will this stop
and how will this end

And when I think about you more
I see you struggling
I see you comprehending
I see you realizing
I see you surviving

And when I think about you
I wish I could have prepared you,
comforted you, protected you,
encouraged you

And if you would think about me now
you’d see I’m not who you were
I have changed and we’ve grown
We have suffered and we must adjust

And when they think about us now
They see our strength,
our resilience,
for us to become me.

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